Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A pirate story with a tail

Hi, as promissed. Here is my second post on my blog... (APLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(PICTURE LEFT: color wip, first impression of the main characters)

We at Zylom Studio's (also known as GameHouse Studio, Realgames) started a MASTER ASSIGNMENT. Really? Yes really! All the graphical artist (Michel Maas (Art Director), Dirk van Dulmen, Ruud Havenith & Me) at the studio, started with this assignment. A monthly assignment that would train our skills to an unbelievable level (yes i couldn't believe this)!
Step 1: Write a story.
Step 2: Make sure every aspect of your drawing supports your story.

My story: A pirate kid and his best friend (monkey) find a treasure.

Here are my first wips.

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