Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update: Pirate Story

Hi, as promised, here's an update of my last post.

I decided to change the story I wanted to tell. This started with my last color sketch, from this point it would be interesting to focus on their relationship. So I'm first going to tell the story of the two main characters (pirate kid and the monkey) and their friendship.

As you see in the picture of the last color sketch, it didn't work. It was too flat and didn't tell the story right (too weak). It started with an unreadable silhouet.

So I started looking for the ultimate pose for the characters (I'll spare you my searching sketches). But I came up with this pose/silhouet, that I'll use as a starting point for my final version. The keywords for the pose are: Friendship, Fun, Adventure.

From this point, I started to try to make the silhouet work. Now I'm looking for the right expressions, body ellements, clothes, exact age, etc... Enough work to do! Here are my first wips on this part.


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