Friday, May 28, 2010

Oldskool animation movies (part 3)

Konek-Gorbunok (The Humpbacked Horse)

As prommised, a nother animation i've seen many times when i was a little kid is "The Humpbacked Horse". This movie is a 1947 Soviet traditionally-animated film directed by Ivan Ivanov-Vano, produced by the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow. In 1975 Ivan Ivanov-Vano made another version of the same film, upgrading the animation (especially that of the animals) and rearranging and adding a few scenes. This was done because the original film was then in a very bad shape and the technical expertise for a restoration did not exist. Two years later it was released in the US as "The Magic Pony".

Altough i've seen it more than 25 years ago, it still like this russian fairytale with his own style and magical music. When you love fairytales, you've got to love this... and ofcourse watch the Russian version!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gang Member (No.1)

After an earlier post with some skin color wips in it, I tried to focus on this color part on this "Gang Member". Telling something about this person with support of the use of colors.

More gang members will follow!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Circus is coming to town!

Yesterday evening, I was trying to start with creating a new character. While I was brainstorming about this, I came up with the classic strongman from the circus. From this point I started to think about what story I wanted to tell. What followed were a couple off wips. One wip contained a simple setting and I thought it could be a good location for my character. So I started to develop this location in a bigger wip with out the character(s)... Normally I focus on characters, but I thought it would be interesting if I focussed on the background/location this time. I still got to learn a lot about this, because I never do this... but this makes it even more fun to do :-)

The first wip you see is on paper (just to start). Here i started with focussing on the background.

The second one is in progress (photoshop) because i just started. I'm working on the composition and the story. What elements do I need to make it credible? A lot of things will be added and changed (the locotion has to tell a story without a character in it).

Later on a character will follow, but after i finish this background!
So Jeremy stop writing and start drawing... you got a lot to do!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oldskool animation movies (part 2)

Dobutsu takarajima (Animal Treasure Island)

I was hunted by a memory of a film with animal pirates. I wasn't sure this was a real memory or a thing in my imagination, a dream or something else (no I didn't bumb my head). But it wasn't a dream, it was real. One night a little mouse was knocking on my door and then he said... "GOOGLEGOOGLE". So I found this movie a couple of years ago on the internet by Googling some words... and there it was (magic sound)... "ANIMAL TREASURE ISLAND" (Dobutsu takarajima -1971)!!!
Watched it, loved it! Enjoy!

Oh maybe nice to know, Miyazaki was the key animator.

Oldskool animation movies (part 1)

Hugo the Hippo (Hugó, a víziló)

I just received a mail from Michel Maas (THANKS FOR THAT!), that brought back some good old memories. It was about one of my favourite animation films Hugo the Hippo (Hugó, a víziló, 1975)! I'd seen this movie when I was just a little kid (35cm, oke a little bit bigger). We taped it from TV on a VHS videotape and I watched it a dozen times. To bad I lost this tape.

But..... a few years ago I contacted Bill (William) Feigenbaum (the director of the film) and I received a version on DVD (JOY!!).

This was the beginning of a great adventure (oke oke, I just watched the film a couple of times :-). After all these years I still love this film (produced by the Pannónia Filmstúdió of Hungary) with his psychedelic and weird ellements.

So at the end, Michels mail brought me to the idea to post some oldskool animation movies tips. Just to get you out of Pixar and Disney flow (there's more good to see besides those movies). I'll try to post at least one movie a week (oke?)... and maybe you can watch them a dozen times as well!?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Call the Police

Psssst..... somebody is trying to sneak away!

This one isn't finished yet. Going to keep it simple, but still have to look at some color and lightning parts... wasn't able to finish it at the moment...

But I think i've got to hurry, because otherwise he'll get away!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Out of the Zylom box


Maybe it would be nice to show you some games i've worked on, sinds i've been working at Zylom (GameHouse Studio). Three of them are Delicious (Road to Fame), Campfire Legends (the Hookman) and Paistry Passion.

We've created these games with a great team and it was a lot of fun to work on. Learned a lot during these projects... and still learning every day at the GameHouse Studio :-) It's great to work on different games, every game with his own style. So every game is a new challenge!Trying to get the best out of the game that is possible witin the available time.

Here are some visuals and screenshots: