Monday, May 10, 2010

Oldskool animation movies (part 1)

Hugo the Hippo (Hugó, a víziló)

I just received a mail from Michel Maas (THANKS FOR THAT!), that brought back some good old memories. It was about one of my favourite animation films Hugo the Hippo (Hugó, a víziló, 1975)! I'd seen this movie when I was just a little kid (35cm, oke a little bit bigger). We taped it from TV on a VHS videotape and I watched it a dozen times. To bad I lost this tape.

But..... a few years ago I contacted Bill (William) Feigenbaum (the director of the film) and I received a version on DVD (JOY!!).

This was the beginning of a great adventure (oke oke, I just watched the film a couple of times :-). After all these years I still love this film (produced by the Pannónia Filmstúdió of Hungary) with his psychedelic and weird ellements.

So at the end, Michels mail brought me to the idea to post some oldskool animation movies tips. Just to get you out of Pixar and Disney flow (there's more good to see besides those movies). I'll try to post at least one movie a week (oke?)... and maybe you can watch them a dozen times as well!?

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