Friday, May 28, 2010

Oldskool animation movies (part 3)

Konek-Gorbunok (The Humpbacked Horse)

As prommised, a nother animation i've seen many times when i was a little kid is "The Humpbacked Horse". This movie is a 1947 Soviet traditionally-animated film directed by Ivan Ivanov-Vano, produced by the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow. In 1975 Ivan Ivanov-Vano made another version of the same film, upgrading the animation (especially that of the animals) and rearranging and adding a few scenes. This was done because the original film was then in a very bad shape and the technical expertise for a restoration did not exist. Two years later it was released in the US as "The Magic Pony".

Altough i've seen it more than 25 years ago, it still like this russian fairytale with his own style and magical music. When you love fairytales, you've got to love this... and ofcourse watch the Russian version!

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