Monday, June 21, 2010

colors created by light

Just a quick post. Last weekend i was at an outdoor festival.
It was in a real park with lots of trees. When it became dark the park was lighted with different lights.
But after a while i came on a certain spot and when i looked up, i was stunned by the amazing colors i saw. The leaves were colored by the light and it almost looked unreal. So i quickly took my cheap camera and shot these two pictures.

The first one has an amazing contrast between the green of the leaves and the warm color of the wood. Between those colors you see the blue sky.

In the next picture the leaves become one with the sky. The light that is hitting the leaves has the same color as the sky. When i was looking up to this, it almost looked flat. It was a monotone color and became a texture to my eyes.

I didn't do anything to the colors in photoshop, it's just how it was and how i saw it.
It was a SNAP MOMENT and i wanted to share it with you! :-)

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