Monday, July 26, 2010

Private Care

Didn't post as much as I would like lately :-)
But at this moment we are working on a new game at the GameHouse Studio, called Private Care.

Private Care is an upcoming click-management game.It's about a private hospital were you have to heal / help patients. In this game we are trying to create the same amount of suspense, drama, comedy and romance you would find in a hit (hospital) TV-Series, while still staying true to the click-management game genre. It's a combination of great click-management gameplay, mini-games, events each day, memorable characters and a brilliantly told story :-)

Here are a few drawings I made for this game. The first two are concept drawings for the building. Looking for the right location, feeling  and setting were it all would happen.

The next two drawings are two of the many backgrounds that you will find in the game. These are the places where the story and game play will take place.


Next time i'll post some more info about the game. About what we wanted to tell with our graphics and why we've made certain choices in our artwork.