Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mike (part 2)

I'm trying to get the characters alive on paper that are in my head. It's important for me to know what, or maybe better WHO i'm going to sculp in clay. Not only how they look in design, but also in their reactions (emotions).

One of my goals is to get the sculptures alive. I wil give them an expression, but if you would poke them in the eye, you would expect that their expression would change (oke, oke in my and maybe your imagination ;-)


  1. something i always thought was humorous, is how much time American Baseball players spend grooming their facial hair. So many players have the crispiest goatee's you will ever see. This guys facial hair reminds me of that. I like how you used digital medium on top of the sketches, really makes them come to life.

  2. no problem jeremy, i love getting a good critique, feel free to do the ame on my work if you keep up with my posts, this week i should have a lot of new work going up. would love to hear your reactions aswell