Friday, September 17, 2010

Character skin color (part 3)

It was past midnight and I was borred. So I couldn't resist to take my wacom and draw. No story or new design, just took an old wip to test a color.

Good night... zzzz

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The kids of Shady Lane - "Pete Jr. (Petie) Harris"

Working on one of the kids of Shady Lane:

"Pete Jr. (Petie) Harris" - 8 years old
He's the son of Pete Sr. Harris and Marie Harris and he's the little brother of Susie Harris. Marie Harris died two years ago after a long illness. Now she's dead, Pete Sr. takes care of his two kids on his own and tries to keep running his own garage/junkyard called "Pete's Garage".  Pete Jr. is always out and is a real street kid (always making fun and getting into trouble) and running away from his emotions (he misses his mom a lot). He's one off the youngest and smallest kids from the street, but has the biggest mouth! His official name is Pete Jr. but every one calls him Petie... and so can you!

Here are a few wips ... still in progress...

Friday, September 10, 2010

The kids of Shady Lane

I just came back from a 5 day vacation. I left my laptop at home so I would be released from the "EVIL" internet for 5 days. But I brought my sketchbook along. I didn't sketch much but during these five days I came up with a new idea and made some wips to get myself motivated... Meanwhile the story is growing in my head and I'm trying to get it on paper (and it's not going fast :-(.

The story is taking place in the 50's is about a bunch of kids who all live in the same street called "Shady Lane Ave". 

At this moment i'm working on the characters. Who they are and how they will look. How are they related to each other, what is there individual story and what's their place/meaning in Shady Lane? Things are constantly changing, so nothing is final. But i'm trying to give more body to the characters by adding more personal stuff. Thinking about the characters all day and every time I come up with something good I write it down, so I can use it later on. Step by step Shady Lane will come to live!

So here is a first quick peak of "The kids of Shady Lane"... but keep in mind... ANYTHING CAN STILL CHANGE! The style isn't picked yet, it's just a simple impression wip to start with...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Window (part 2)

Hi folks,
One good thing about running a blog is that you don't forget what projects you are working on. Normaly your ideas disappear in sketchbooks or between big piles of paper... or your dog eats the wips or a elephant sits on them... and you'll forget about them. Oke oke, i don't have an elephant... but anyway... for me it works perfect!

On idea i just picked up (from my older posts) is The Window. I'm not sure which way i'm heading, but i just want to show where i'm at the moment. I've got an empty window where any story can happen. I made some small changes in composition and color to make it stronger. Just to test it, i filled it with the little kid.

I'll let it rest for the moment and try to come up with a cool and strong story (so that i can puch the borring kid out of the window to create some space for something better).

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Characters skin color

Checking out some skin colors (based on an earlier post "skin color wips"), combined with the design of some characterssss...