Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The kids of Shady Lane - "Pete Jr. (Petie) Harris"

Working on one of the kids of Shady Lane:

"Pete Jr. (Petie) Harris" - 8 years old
He's the son of Pete Sr. Harris and Marie Harris and he's the little brother of Susie Harris. Marie Harris died two years ago after a long illness. Now she's dead, Pete Sr. takes care of his two kids on his own and tries to keep running his own garage/junkyard called "Pete's Garage".  Pete Jr. is always out and is a real street kid (always making fun and getting into trouble) and running away from his emotions (he misses his mom a lot). He's one off the youngest and smallest kids from the street, but has the biggest mouth! His official name is Pete Jr. but every one calls him Petie... and so can you!

Here are a few wips ... still in progress...


  1. Ai, I just hurt my spinal chord looking at your awesome sketches! Love your colors man! You're a sketcho-genius!

  2. reminds me of the secret of kells! I love it man!

  3. Awesome work and a wonderful blog! Keep it coming!