Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Window (part 2)

Hi folks,
One good thing about running a blog is that you don't forget what projects you are working on. Normaly your ideas disappear in sketchbooks or between big piles of paper... or your dog eats the wips or a elephant sits on them... and you'll forget about them. Oke oke, i don't have an elephant... but anyway... for me it works perfect!

On idea i just picked up (from my older posts) is The Window. I'm not sure which way i'm heading, but i just want to show where i'm at the moment. I've got an empty window where any story can happen. I made some small changes in composition and color to make it stronger. Just to test it, i filled it with the little kid.

I'll let it rest for the moment and try to come up with a cool and strong story (so that i can puch the borring kid out of the window to create some space for something better).


  1. Reminds me of a time when I was a little kid. Smoking my first cigarette by the opened window. I can still remember the taste!

  2. I'd quite like to see you keep that character!

  3. Thanks Sundryandco, I'll keep it in mind :-)