Monday, October 18, 2010

Mr. Wolf & Red Riding Hood

To be continued...

The kids of Shady Lane - "Pete Jr. (Petie) Harris" (part 2)

Hi Folks, I'm still working on Petie from the Shady Lane.
Studying al sorts of things (hands, expressions, clothes, poses, etc...). He's very important to me, because he has to set the tone for the rest of the characters. With Petie i'm trying to create a road that the rest of the characters can follow :-). I'm not intending to hit a dead end!!! It would be a mistake for me to start too quick with a final version, now is the time for me to experiment (thinking forward). And at a certain point when i'm happy with Petie, I can use alle the things I learned from him to create the other characters from Shady Lane. They have to fit all in the same world!

So I'll take my time and keep you all up to date :-)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Entrance Jumble Blog: week 204 Your Family

This is a post I made for the ART JUMBLE BLOG week theme. Every week there is a new theme and every member can post his own version. Always fun to enter.
This week the theme was: Your Family

This was my post: