Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grace Jones (a colorful woman)

Last week i went to a concert of Grace Jones. I thought is was GREAT! It was great to listen to, but also to look at, because of her incredible outfits. I've made some pictures of this concert with my cheap small camera (so no high quality :-( ), but i think the colors of the acts were very cool!!! Super costumes , which became stronger by the stage lightning. Each song had its own color palette. A thing we can use in our own visuals. So it's very inspiring!!!


Just a quick post :-)
I've colored the wip in photoshop, but i'm not so happy with it. Don't know why yet, but i'll figger it out later. I think i went in the wrong direction with the color of the clothes. I'll come back on this later, so i'll put it in the freezer (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr).

Friday, April 9, 2010


Just a color wip post to get myself (and maybe you?) more into the pirate mood. Could be useful for my Master Assignment.... Oke, oke and it's fun to do :-) (sssshhhht, dont tell anybody)

Friday, April 2, 2010

skin color wips

Hi Boys and Girls (and off course very old people ;-),

Here's just an in between post.
Scanned in some quick character wips and colored them in photoshop.

I've shortly tried to experiment with some color contrasts in faces. What happens when you give some characters a non realistic skin color (or an exaggerated shadow color)? Does it make it an alien/non human? Does it create an extra emotion to the character? Or does it feel normal?

I'll come back on this part later, because I quickly ran through this test (and it's too weak). When i did this, I noticed that there are some interresting parts in this! So let's give it some extra attention and PUSH IT MORE!

So next time i'll concentrate on these parts more. For example, I'm going to look what happens when you give the same character a strange skin color and natural colored eyes or a natural skin color and strange colored eyes. Let's see what happens? First starting with a nutral looking character. And after that i'm going to look how it works with a character with an strong emotion. Use those colors to make the emotion stronger.

Maybe nothing new will come out? But... you'll never know, if you don't try!

Greetings Jeremy